Pocket Surfer 2

The PocketSurfer 2 is a mobile device that lets you collect your email, send instant messages and check your favourite websites like Google and Facebook while out and about.

Two remarkable things to note about Pocket Surfer 2

  1. There are no monthly fees or high data charges
  2. Web pages, emails and instant messages load in lightning quick time on the Pocket Surfer 2

Retailer Price P&P Total Price  
Pocket Surfer at Amazon £134.29 Free


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Pocket Surfer at Maplin £149.99 Free £149.99 view Pocket Surfer deal
Pocket Surfer at Microwarehouse £142.27 £5.99 £148.26 view Pocket Surfer deal
Pocket Surfer at Macwarehouse £145.17 £5.99 £156.61 view Pocket Surfer deal

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to own and run?

The Pocket Surfer 2 (lite) costs from £130 to buy and that's all you pay for the first year. There are no data charges and no contract so you can surf and email to your hearts content. After the first year Datawind, the company that makes the Pocket Surfer 2 say that the MAXIMUM you will pay is £40 a year.

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How quickly do web pages load?

A typical Facebook page will load in 5 seconds, we've tested flash heavy sites like the Sky.com and they loads in 6-7 seconds. Gmail emails start to appear in 3 seconds. Datawind has invented a technology that compressed the web pages before they get to you so that they load lightning fast.

How does the PocketSurfer connect to the internet, is it Wi-Fi?

The Pocket Surfer connects to the internet through GPRS, which is the same way mobile phones can access the mobile web. The difference is on mobiles you can only access mobile versions of websites, with Pocket Surfer you can visit the exact same sites you visit on your computer at home or work. You do not need to be near a WiFi hotspot to use the Pocket Surfer, any where you can get a mobile signal, you can surf the web.

Can I check my email on the Pocket Surfer?

Yes, this is the killer application for this device. You can check your mail in two ways. If you have a webmail account like Google Mail, Hotmail or AOL Mail you can surf straight to the email website, log in and check your mail. If you use Outlook, you can enter your email account details into the device and check your emails in Outlook.

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Can I send and receive Instant Messages (IM) from the Pocket Surfer?

You sure can. The pocket surfer has a built in area where you can enter your login details for the IM service of your choice (AIM, MSN Messenger etc.) or, most IM services offer online versions of their instant messaging version software that you can log in and chat through.

Can I install programs on the Pocket Surfer?

I'm afraid not but the pocket surfer can open Word documents and Excel spreadsheets on the go, and it has email and IM built in. You can even access your main PC back at home or the office from the Pocket Surfer if you need to take documents with you on the move.

Are there any other cool things the Pocket Surfer can do?

Yes! One of the first things you see once you have turned on and register your Pocket Surfer is a map of your exact location. The Pocket Surfer contains a Built-in GPS receiver, a bit like the one you have in your car to give you driving directions, and can show you on a map exactly where you are! You'll never get lost with a Pocket Surfer.

It can also access your home PC remotely. If you are out and about and want to show someone a word doc or spreadsheet you can easily log into your home PC and open it up!

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What sort of people and applications is the PocketSurfer 2 good for?

Here's just a few of the ways you might want to use the Pocket Surfer:

  • You're a businessman on the move who needs to browse the web as well as check email
  • You're banned from using Facebook at work and want to check it on breaks
  • You are addicted to Twitter or IM but not always near a PC
  • You don't want to pay a subscription fee to access your email on the move
  • You are an ebay buyer or seller who's not always near a computer
  • You don't really need a computer at home but want to stay in contact with your distant relatives or grandchildren by email

Can I watch video on the Pocket Surfer?

The pocket surfer can't play videos like those on YouTube, it can download Flash and run Java applications (like online Instant Messaging programs).

What alternatives do I have to a PocketSurfer

The PocketSurfer is in a class of its own when it comes to surfing the real web at 3G speeds at very little cost. Because there are no data charges if you use the device under 20 hours a month (and most people do) and the PocketSurfer can be picked up for just over £100 at Maplin any other optuion is going to cost you a lot more money. That being said, if you want to access your email and IM on the move, your other options are:

  • Mobile Broadband Dongle
    They come with either a contract or as a pay as you go service. Most boradband dongles come with a usage cap above which you will pay for any data used (usually about 10p a megabyte.
  • 3G Phone
    You will normally have to buy these with a contract, there may even be extra data charges. The most popular 3G phones around at the moment are. The iPhone, the T-Mobile G1 and the 3 mobile INQ1 Facebook phone.

Who should I contact for Pocket Surfer customer service

Pocket Surfer customer services can be reached by email at uksupport@datawind.com or by phoning 0844 999 0990